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Mark of The Night: Servants of Morrigan

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The Four Horsemen are tasked with eliminating the Hasan, an ancient criminal organization threatening the existence of humanity. The Commander of the Horsemen, Dante Giovanni, finds himself unexpectedly tracking a woman who crossed his path at a Carnival ball. The fifteenth-century Venetian immortal is infuriated and intrigued by the twenty-first-century thief. He is determined to learn what ties she has to the Hasan and a strange prophecy Isis shared.

Grace cares about only one thing: saving her brother. She is put on a direct collision course with the Four Horsemen by Qasim, the head of the Hasan. The sultan demands a relic Dante carries in exchange for Braden's freedom. Qasim will accept nothing else. Hell-bent on completing her tasking as quickly as possible, and not falling for the charm of the womanizing Commander, Grace sets up the most dangerous mark that she's been assigned to deceive. Fate only gave her a tiny window of opportunity to obtain the relic. One night in eighteenth-century Venice is all she has. Things need to go perfectly.

The two adversaries find themselves on an ever-evolving adventure across time and the Antique Mediterranean World. The Egyptian and Celtic deities, along with the Fates, weave their two destinies together in a tangled web of deception, hope, prophecy, passion, and sacrifice.

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