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Stupid Cupid

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Engineer? Doctor? Chartered Accountant? Artist? Or something out
of the box?
Students at the cusp of passing out from the high school are often
occupied with such considerations and choices. With Suhaan, it was
different. He wanted to do nothing. “Go with the flow” had been the
motto of his life, and he had always given life a chance to make
decisions for him.
It’s only when he starts playing cricket for the college team that his
passion is fuelled. He practices hard and gives it his all. But life is still
keen on planning Suhaan's life. When he falls in love with Namrata, he
is forced to choose one – passion or love.
Will Suhaan make the right choice? Or will life once again call the
shots for him?
Stupid Cupid is a tug of war between dreams and love.

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