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The Man Who Lived Twice: Bringing to a close the circle of life

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In Italy, a man on his way home from a business trip has a car accident and slips into a deep coma. He finds himself in an unknown dimension, before a mysterious supernatural being that exhorts him to tell him about his life.
Because of the man’s good behavior in life, he is informed that his destiny lies in a heavenly place. While he keeps hoping he will wake up from his coma, he is at the same time drawn to this paradise, where he can do things that would have been impossible in life, and he can even have a glance from above of the people that he left behind on Earth.
But that is not the end of this man’s journey, for the supernatural being has more in store for him, more than he could have ever imagined…

Fantaramus, or, rather, the man who hides behind this pseudonym, has decided to unearth an old story that he has kept tucked away for a long time. This is his first novel, with others to come.

Based on a true story

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