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Gia And The Black Widow: Gia Santella Crime Thrillers, Book 5

165 pages2 hours



A Mediterranean cruise. A fascinating new friend. An assassin playing a deadly game of revenge.

It’s not her fault that everyone she cares about ends up dead. Or is it?

Vigilante heiress Gia Santella has everything that money can buy.

It’s what she can’t buy—love, companionship, friendship—that eludes her.

When Gia is forced to take a luxury cruise, she sets aside her vigilante ways. As she enjoys exotic lands and foods, a new friendship gives her hope that she might be able to lead a normal life like everybody else.

But like everything else in her life has done, her new friendship soon takes a deadly turn.

It’s up to Gia to do what she does best—hunt for a killer to exact justice for those unable to do so themselves. With her new friendship on the line—and maybe her own life—Gia sets out to avenge the innocent once more.

But this time, her desire for vendetta may be her undoing.

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