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Flowers are my life, but I never thought they'd bring me to my soulmate. 

I am a florist at the flower shop my father built from the ground up. Flowers are a family business and I have always loved my job. And I especially love it on the day Catherine shows up...
She is this stunningly beautiful woman who is looking to buy flowers for her wedding. I know that nothing is ever going to happen between us because, of course, she's straight and engaged. But that doesn't keep my mind from drifting to thoughts of her. I just pray I can hide it well enough because I don't want to lose this friendship.

I'm so glad to have finally made a friend in this city.

Ever since me and my college sweetheart Johnathon moved a few months ago, I haven't been able to make many friends. And I found myself desperately missing my friends from home. But then the florist for our wedding invites me out to a girl's night, and of course I said yes!

And I do not regret it. Ellie is so much fun. I can't believe I just happened to meet her while looking to buy flowers. She is on track to be my new best friend, we're bonding so quickly. Which is good, because the way things are going with Johnathon, it looks like I might need a friend. 

This is a standalone lesbian romance novel with HEA ending!

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