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Sharing The Hotwife Author’s Fantasy - A Wife Sharing Romance: My Wife - The Hotwife Author, #2

125 pages2 hours


Hotwife shares her body with her husband's best friend!

Since learning her husband was an avid reader of her own Hotwife stories, Maddie has taken a short break from exploring her intimacy with her yoga instructer. And instead, the couple have looked to rekindle their bedroom life.

However, one evening when Maddie confesses the resurgence of her adulterous streak with a mysterious man. 

Theo is barely surprised and make it clear that is keen to watch his wife in action in front of him with another man, but Maddie is hesitant. 

The couple agree for Theo to watch from inside their closet, but when he learns he has a close connection with the mystery man……

…..Theo and Maddie find their Hotwife adventure taking an unexpected turn.

Will the couple find their marriage strengthening or slowly deterioratinh as they come to terms with their crossroad?

A scorching hot 30,000 word romance featuring a loving couple exploring their innermost fantasies as they test the depths of their Hotwife fantasies, a wife exploring every inch of her body with a mystery man and a husband learning of his wife's uncontrollable addiction to sharing body. Maddie pens her hotwife fantasies in her own novels under the Lana Maven enjoying every moment as her husband laps up her innermost naughty thoughts!

'Sharing The Hotwife Author's Fantasy' is part 2 of a 3 part series, closely following the rollar coaster journey of a wife penning her fantasies in her novels and her curious husband.

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