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Deadly Healer: A Cindy Lou Butts Mystery, #1

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Deadly Healer

Book 1 –  A Cindy Lou Butts Mystery

Meet Cindy Lou Butts, a small woman with a big attitude, appetite and some quirky skills that rate high on the freak-o-meter.

All Cindy wants to do, is open up her wellness center in her hometown of Placerville, also known as Hangtown, California.

Cindy has left the world of secret government agencies, where she was a consulting forensic psychologist with a talent for really "getting inside people's heads", for the healing world of herbal remedies and aromatherapy blends. But her former colleagues aren't ready to let her go.

One phone call, and Cindy is dragged back into the world of shadows and secret squirrels.

Cindy has less than a week to find a killer or two, sort an agency out that is leaking secrets like a sieve and help her former high school classmates plan a high school reunion.

She also has to deal with a sister who has a penchant for attracting ghosts and ghouls, a step-mother who has written the book on passive-aggressive and past classmates who would like to chase her out of town.

Can she keep the collateral damage to a minimum, or will her high school secrets finally catch up with her?

Deadly Healer is Book 1 in the Cindy Lou Butts Mystery series.

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