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On The Verge With A Heartbreaker

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Veronica Heartbreaker had been trying to get a meeting with the Mayor of Kismet Falls for weeks. She figured if anyone knew what a real estate developer was doing in town and why he wanted to buy her grandmother’s home and business it would be him. Tired of being turned away, she sneaks into his office to ambush him. Instead of getting the information she's after Veronica finds out there may be bigger problems on the horizon.

Telsen Atwater had been doing his best to avoid the Heartbreaker sisters. He didn’t know why someone was interested in their business, so it wouldn’t do them any good to meet with him. Besides, he had his own problems to deal with. Finding Veronica waiting for him in his office was the last thing he expected. Opening up and telling her the town was on the brink of bankruptcy was even less expected.

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