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Diary Of A Wimpy Noob: Escape Haunted Hospital: Noob's Diary, #18

44 pages28 minutes


This Hospital is keeping secrets… 

Noob's regretting the whole plan of getting a checkup at the Roblox Hospital but it's too late. Now he's trapped in this haunted seven-storey building. He knows the place is creepy- but it isn't until he encounters a ghost. 

The closer Noob gets to uncovering the truth behind the hospital, the further he's pushed into danger and deceit. 

Can Noob put all of the pieces together and solve the mysteries? 

Hold your breath, join our Noob in this action-packed thrilling adventure. 

Expect the unexpected! 

And of course, the last thing Noob needs to do …. is ESCAPE! 

The Noob's Diary series, these fast-paced books will keep even reluctant readers on the edge of their seats. Perfect for ages 8-12. 

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