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Leverage Your Mind: The Next Phase in Self-Empowerment - A Better Me for a Better We

183 pages2 hours


This book explains why happiness is a choice, and success is a mindset. It offers an easy to use complete toolbox of mindset techniques.

You will begin a journey of self-empowerment and enjoy immediate benefits and limitless results. We begin by debunking the myths about our limits. You will get a true update on where science stands today in the knowledge of the mind.

The author demonstrates how his “4 Hidden Aces” (visualization, self-hypnosis, meditation and magnetism), and more, can align your conscious, subconscious, heart, and soul. This work presents easy to use methods that anyone can learn and apply. You will be able to combine powerful mind reprogramming methods to reach into your inner strength, and find your full potential. You will learn to build your “Invincible Self-Esteem” in a matter of days.

You will also learn peak performance mindset techniques enabling you be your best at all times and have greater focus and be in the zone in any situation. You will learn how to overcome any challenge, and turn all the negative situations into positive outcomes.

Leverage Your Mind proposes a unique and simple “3R” approach for success, you will Recognize your true potential, Reset your mindset at will, and Reinvent your future through action, for concrete results. Most importantly, it proposes actionable steps that will mobilize you for positive change, from day one.

This book will enable you to truly reach your dreams, guide you towards your life’s purpose and become the best you can be. You will understand that you are an important part of the positive social evolution, and that your contribution matters.


"OMG! There are more solid nuggets of self development... I mean specific, easy to implement "how to's" in this book than anything out there. Luc has assembled a uniquely comprehensive treasure trove of wisdom that will help you navigate to a truly evolved life. Could be this generations' Think And Grow Rich!" David M. Corbin, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker- Business Advisor-Award Winning Inventor and Two time bestselling author

"Luc Goulet and his work are something in and of this world but also reach far beyond what we already know to be true of it. Many leaders promise successful methods to change. But, with ease Luc delivers ways to distinguish yourself from the person you used to know yourself to be with the person and business that you are capable of conceiving, becoming and mastering." Jo Standing, Author of Conquer Trauma Drama, Speaker and Entertainer on PTSD Resilience

"Luc Goulet compassionately delves into the very essence of human suffering and joy, offering his recipe for happiness. It’s not the circumstances that we stumble into that transform us. Instead it’s our ability to transcend expectations, serve others and choose to fully embrace the whole package of the realities of who we are and what life has to offer with humility and gratitude --- the good, the bad and the ugly, that creates the change we seek.” Dr Theresa Nicassio, Registered Psychologist & Integrative Wellness Educator Award-Winning Author & Founder of

“As a professional tennis coach, I highly recommend Leverage Your Mind to all coaches, teachers, mentors, athletes and students. The peak performance mindset techniques put forth will help you reach your personal level of excellence. This is priceless information for anyone who wants to perform at their best, always!” François Lefebvre, Top level professional tennis coach

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