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The Republic

351 pages5 hours


A hungry nation teeters on the precipice.

Rationing. Protests. Food riots.

The population grows restless as their bellies contract.

A single hope remains to save the country from starvation — a genetically modified miracle entrusted to Commissioner Kai Ming. Ming is only providing transport, but it's a heavy burden for a lowly civil servant. Even worse when things go sideways and Ming is forced to watch as an unruly mob publicly executes someone he calls a friend.

To avenge his friend's death and save the country, Ming must make allies in unexpected places and put into motion a devilish plan. The fates may have taken his friend from this world, but they can't shake his conviction.

Fans of Wool and Dune will enjoy this standalone dystopian novel about a futuristic Republic on the brink of an uprising. Get it now!

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