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The Pretender

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Do you really know who you are talking to on the gay apps messaging services?
Meet Alan, a married man who enjoys gay sex and his jilted lover. Set in Brighton, East Sussex centred around two of the most popular gay cruising areas. Find out how he used the apps to locate Alan's position, and how he tricked Alan into thinking he was sending messages to a new mate. Erotic fiction.
There are various ways for gays, lesbians and bisexuals, as well as transgender people to meet each other on the internet.
One of the best gay apps on iPad, Android and IPhone is Bender, primarily designed for those interested in gay dating. Those, who wish to date with prospective gay and bisexual partners can find video facilities that will enable gays to talk and chat with such people who may be interesting for them. Bender also has instant messaging and more.

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