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Modern Day Apostles & Prophets - Understanding the Apostolic and Prophetic Calling

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This Is What Apostles and Prophets Look Like Now.

Just before the end of the last century, the ministry and office of the Prophet were restored to the Church. A while later, as the new century dawned, the first signs of a new Apostolic Movement began to appear. Apostle Les was involved in helping pave the way for this, and he presented the first clear teachings on the Apostolic and Prophetic Office.

But a lot has happened since then, and these two vital ministries have come into clearer focus in recent years. Now Apostles and Prophets are appearing everywhere. And it has become necessary for us to consolidate how exactly these ministries should look and function.

That is the main purpose for this new book. Here you will find updated teachings on both of these ministries, and a clearer understanding of how they are meant to be in the end times in which we live.

God is once again building His end times church on the foundation of these two essential ministry offices: Ephesians 2:19

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