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In the Eyes of the Dead

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He hunts killers through the eyes of the dead

In the throes of PTSD, FBI profiler Ryker Townsend is plagued by haunting nightmares from a case that nearly cost him his life. But when a dead girl breaks through his recurring dream—with a lurid vision of her charred corpse—Ryker braces for the horror to come.

On the eve of Halloween under a rare blood moon, Ryker and his team are called to investigate the mysterious deaths of four teens in Brownsville, a small Texas border town. He believes the deaths are linked, a sick prelude of a diabolical killer. With Día de los Muertos only days away, Ryker fights against time before a ritualistic serial killer culminates a masterpiece by butchering during a celebration to honor the dead.

One strong-willed woman stands in Ryker’s way.

Athena Madero, co-founder of the private security agency, Omega Team, has a personal stake in Ryker’s case—her precious niece is his top suspect. Athena will stop at nothing to defend her family and uncover the truth, even if it means taking on the FBI. But a powerful influence from the dark side of Santería—spawned across the Mexican border—stands at the heart of a sinister conspiracy. A mysterious holy man and his devoted followers force Ryker and Athena to join forces to uncover a tragic truth.

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