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Creation by Design: Being the Organizing Principle

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This is the last part of Creation by Design, which is becoming an organizing principle. We learned about what attracts events into our lives in The Attraction. The Apprentice provided with an explanation through possible scientific explorations. In this volume, we examine the methods we employed and the reasons for our choices. Language is important because that is how we communicate with each other. The words we use can convey volumes of information or be as empty as the vacuum of space. Space is not empty. A majority of space is filled with useless substances. Just as most of the water on the planet is useless. However, what is useless to us is bountiful to others. In this case, the Universe.

Once you know the secrets, which really aren't secrets, the way you experience life will improve. There are no magic spells that will fix anything. However, we can work with the subtle energies commonly referred to as mojo.

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