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Secrets in the Dark

261 pages3 hours


With three dead women and a killer on the loose, Detective Bodin Cooper is determined and focused. After a fourth body is discovered, it becomes obvious there are two killers out there. If that isn't enough to keep him busy, the beautiful reporter looking to use the murders to fast track her career provides Bo with even bigger problems – or is it distractions?

Skylar Brock wants to be a star in the world of investigative journalism. She knows with Bodin Cooper's involvement, she can write the story of her career. It would require working closely with the oh-so-hot detective. She only has to convince him. She tells herself it's a story she wants, but her growing feelings for Bo could change the game.

Bo tries to remain professional but the beautiful Skylar ignites a flame and blurs the lines that guide him. Soon, Skylar becomes part of a killer's plan as more bodies are discovered. Bo knows he has to protect Skylar first. No matter the risk to his career or how many suspicions are suddenly cast in his direction.

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