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Lycan Moon

193 pages2 hours


A tale of love, loyalty, valor, power, and retribution.
The future of the world rests in the hands of Lycans as they battle their immortal enemy. After fulfilling the first part of an ancient prophecy, King Seth, ruler of the Lycans, sets out to forge the strongest army he’s ever led, so he won’t let his people down again. However, finding Lycans in 2014 is much more difficult than it was two centuries ago. He must trust in himself, Queen Julia, and the magic of their Gypsy friends if he hopes to stand a chance.
King Armando, leader of the vampires, has black magic working on his side while his vampire army grows. While his dark servant places curses on the Gypsy camp, Melanie, the new vampire queen, seeks her revenge on her former best friend. But will biting Julia be enough to get her what she really wants—Seth?
Fighting fang and claw, you’ll become immersed in the brutal and gripping twists of Lycan Moon as man and beast fight together to stop the vampires

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