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Happiness: How to Relieve Stress, Be Mindful, and Live a Happy Life

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What is happiness? Everyone has a different definition. However you define happiness, it's definitely a positive emotional response to the experiences, activities, and people in your life. It might be hard to pin down a scientific definition, but all of us know it when we feel it.

How to achieve happiness? Happiness comes from within, not from external things and events. It doesn't matter what you have, want, or who you love. If you haven't fostered an attitude of peace and happiness within your own spirit, happiness will be difficult to reach.

This book explores what makes you happy and how to live a happier life. By reading this book, you'll learn:

• how mindfulness leads to happiness

• why a positive mindset and happiness go together

• how to be happier in your relationships

• exercises to make you happy

• the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety

and much more!

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