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The Dog Training Bible - How to Train Your Dog to be the Angel You’ve Always Dreamed About: Includes Sit, Stay, Heel, Come, Crate, Leash, Socialization, Potty Training and How to Eliminate Bad Habits

156 pages1 hour


The Dog Training Bible is the complete dog training manual and guides you through every single thing you need to know about raising a happy, respectful dog and a loyal companion through reward training. 

**Here's a preview of what you will learn**

How to get off to a good start with your new puppy Socializing your puppy The six basic commands (sit, heel, no, stay, down, off) Leash training your puppy Understanding the "Wolf pack" mentality and how to establish yourself as the pack leader How to curb unwanted behavior and eliminate bad habits Potty training your puppy Crate training your puppy Teaching your dog not to chew It's all here!

The is one of the most comprehensive books for dog training on the market and is a must read for anyone thinking of getting a puppy or adopting an older dog.

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