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Pack Security

224 pages


A shy sexy artist and a man tormented by his past are thrown together for protection and security.

Cassandra Wilson’s world was just turned upside down. Someone broke into her studio and destroyed the art she’d put her heart and soul into. Pressure from her older brother and her Alpha has her accepting protection from the Beta’s brother. She finds the ex-military non-shifter a sexy distraction. But when reality breaks through and reminds her that someone is after her, will Max be able to save her?

Max Lawson knows he needs to get his act together. The last mission that forced him from the military still haunts him at night. When he’s asked to help guard one of the woman in the Pack, Max isn’t sure he’s the right man for the job. He’s never really felt like he belonged with the others since he is the only non-shifter around. But he owes his brother and accepts the job. Cassandra isn’t anything like he’d imagined. She’s strong and stubborn and he finds himself falling for her.

Max needs to fix himself before he can even think about being the kind of man that Cassandra deserves. Resisting the sweet sexy artist, however, is easier said than done. When danger threatens to take her away before Max even has a chance to prove himself to her, he must fight with everything inside him—being able to shift...or not.

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