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Saving Sleeping Beauty (Book Four of the Connor's)

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Book Four of the Connors. Ray Connor couldn't believe he was in the hospital. He was too healthy to be in the hospital. However, smoke inhalation had taken a toll on him in the last high rise fire, and his partner, Kelly Price had saved him by pulling him out of a building where ceiling beams were falling like sticks. Of all the people to save him, it had to be Kelly.

Ray made a habit of not getting personal with Kelly, as she was a girl and it could complicate things. But what did he do when he owed her his life. And he really did. Kelly and Ted had to move a fallen beam from the doorway to get Ray out. It couldn't have been an easy feat. At the time he hadn't known she had a little smoke inhalation herself when she offered him a draw on her oxygen mask several times to keep him breathing.

Ray already had a girl-friend but he knew it was just a shallow affair. He ached for a family of his own, secretly. There were also a few more secrets he didn't want to talk about. Kelly was a big part of those secrets because from the moment she walked into the station and took the job as his backup partner, he had to stifle the immediate attraction he felt for her and do his job. It was that or quit. And he wasn't quitting!

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