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Going Into Perfection

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Going Into Perfection is a self-help for people who would like to have a personal relationship with God in the privacy of their own space.

Using a refreshing perspective in this how-to guide, the author deliver 9 gripping chapters, which will help you

- Identify and activate your spiritual gift.
- Understand and master praying in the different kinds of tongues
-Conquer sickness, disease and poverty in your life and in your life and in your loved ones.
- Obtain counsel from the Holy Spirit regarding any situation.
- Achieve the same lifestyle of prayer that Jesus and his disciples had.

By the time you finish reading Going Into Perfection. You will understand how to fellowship with God, how to conquer fear, doubt and unbelief, how to see when you are being deceived. How to walk with the Holy Spirit as the disciples walked side by side with Jesus Christ

Wisdom Khambule is a founder of Wisdom Vault Ministries, a ministry dedicated to teaching the word of God, creating awareness of the third person of the Godhead, teaching people God’s perspective of the church, guiding people regarding the original plan of God for mankind , raising true sons and daughters of God for the revival and healing the physically and emotionally disabled.

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