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Sun's Caress: A Rayden Valkyrie Tale

101 pages1 hour


At the edge of the world, far to the east, Rayden has joined with a band of pirates led by Timiko, the young widow of a great warrior revered for showing compassion and generosity to the powerless toiling in the fields and villages on the islands of Yamatainu.

When word arrives that a raiding fleet is approaching under the command of the pirate Fujimara, a man known for extreme cruelty and barbarity, Timiko and Rayden know that the villages throughout their region are in great peril.

Though greatly outnumbered, Timiko’s fleet sets out against all odds to confront Fujimara’s raiders.

The Sun’s Caress is a stand-alone eBook novella that is part of the Rayden Valkyrie Tales

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