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Hide for Your Life

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A New York senator was trying to extricate himself from his involvement with a top crime boss. The attempt resulted in his cold-blooded execution. Joanna Steinhauer inadvertently witnessed the execution and testified at the trial. To save her life she was placed into a witness protection program and given a new identity and thrust into a world that she never knew existed. As Alice Hershey, her challenge was to remain undetected in order to survive the far reaching network of the people determined to silence her.
A private investigator, Scott Wallace, who often went outside the boundaries of the law, discovered that he was able to determine Joanna’s new whereabouts. When he set out to warn her that her enemies might also be able to find her, he discovered that they were already on her trail, and they may be closer to her than he was.
As the story unfolds, and people’s lives become intertwined, you will wonder who is really good and who is really bad. One of the hunters becomes hunted himself. Someone is mistaken for someone else, and blunders are made that could prove to be fatal.
Will Joanna survive, especially when she is forced to face a life-long fear? And even if she does, how many other lives will she have endangered?

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