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No Demons But Us (Sister Seekers Book 1)

464 pages7 hours


Sirana, thirdborn daughter of House Thalluen, finds her eldest sister’s body with a broken neck. The First Daughter is dead, and her Mother must summon the Red Sisters.

“I did not kill her, but she deserved to die.”

In the underground city of Sivaraus, Davrin Elves know that judgment of the Queen’s Sisterhood is final, yet justice is subjective and the Red Sisters are but one threat within their society. The secretive order of Priestesses and manipulative nobles pull strings at every turn. Who lives, who dies, who serves, and who controls is held precariously in fragile webs.

A.S. Etaski spins the first threads of an epic tale of intrigue and intense sensuality arising from the Deepearth, the coming-of-age of a Dark Elf whose fear and hatred keep her bound. The reasons behind all rules are never what they seem, and Sirana must learn the game quickly if she will survive her sister’s death and claim her place in Sivaraus.

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