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Deep Within Mary Jack

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The first born daughter of Lerato Jack, Mary was born and raised in a small township in Bloemfontein, together with her stepfather Robert Jack. One day, she packed her suitcases and made her way to live in the big city of Johannesburg, where she looked for employment. Mary was a sister and a mother with a wonderful soul who got pushed to self-destruct. She seemed to have it all, except the thing that she needed the most: love. She had lots of love to share but received little in return. Needless to say, in the end she became a woman despised. She was chasing her dreams, her passion, and yet was very unlucky in finding real love and romance. Everything was not what it should have been. After spending her days trying with no luck, Mary went from being a good woman to being a morally unrestrained one, who almost destroyed her life trying to compete with men. It was almost too late when she finally got the unexpected in return for her bad deeds. The situation got out of control and she ended up almost destroyed, mentally and emotionally. It took death for her to realize that all her bad deeds had been for nothing, as they’d left her scarred, broken and deeply damaged within.

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