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Bad Apple

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COMPLETE. STANDALONE. Includes Parts 1-5. Enjoy :) 


I don't want commitment. 

I've never been a fly by night romance girl. I used to look at men and picture wedded bliss till my ex proved me wrong and shattered my illusions. That's why it's so freaking unfair that just months after swearing off men I meet the hot and too determined Misha Novac. He's perfect and every girl's wet dream. And he won't take me on my terms. 

He wants the whole nine yards and I'm only offering three. He wants marriage and family dinners and I'm more for pizza after a long night of loving. 

So colour me furious when I wake up to find myself wed, owned and securely locked to the sexy brute. I think I can deal. I want to deal if it means I get to have him wrapped around me forever. 

Till I find out that he's not the man he made me want. 


She's beautiful, sweet, and genuine…but I can't let that stop me. 

I must admit, Irina's sweet loveliness will make what I have to do a little bit harder. Men like me aren't exactly known for their gentleness, but even I feel like I'm doing something wrong. 

See, we aren't meeting by chance. I know exactly who she is…and what the land her bakery sits on is worth to me. The plan to steal this innocent girl's dream away from her is really starting to come together. 

I'm not going to leave the pretty little thing destitute or anything, but I will take what I need from her. This is business, after all. And yeah, maybe just a little bit pleasure, too. Whatever it takes.

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