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1817 Hertfordshire, England
Lillian is a thirty-year-old spinster who has recently lost her father.
Totally alone, she now wonders the direction her life will take. Although she has inherited her father’s home, belongings, and land, the lack of income will soon pose a problem.
Her friend suggests she find a ‘good man’ and marry him.
'Easier said than done when one is past one’s prime,' Lillian thinks. 'There are so many young women looking for husbands, I don’t stand much of a chance.'
Jonas Coker, a widower with two children and a roofing business, has shown some interest, but Lillian finds him physically unattractive. His life outdoors has taken its toll on his permanently tanned face.
When she considers the alternative of remaining a spinster, she wonders if it is possible to overlook someone’s physical appearance?
Her mourning period will perhaps give her the time to decide, but meanwhile, the children see her as the perfect mother and try to persuade their father to make a move.

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