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Friends: Mastering the Virgin No.1

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The Boys are Back in Town... James is a Dom. Michael loves women. When the two become unlikely friends, they form a team, working the clubs and enjoying a carefree bachelor existence. Until, one day, James is offered an unusual opportunity: to Buy A Virgin... A Tale of BDSM, Ménage Erotic Romance.

“Any No-Nos?” Debbie?” I ask.


“There’s two of us and we enjoy…. a lot of things. Is there anything you don’t want to do? Or for us to do?”

“I’m not keen on anal.”

“That’s fine,” comments James. “That still gives us an option at either end.”

Her eyes roll. “What are your safety words, Debbie?” I ask.

“Why? Am I going to need them?”

“You are if you let him near your ass.”

“Fair warning.” Sucking in her cheeks, she looks away.

“Yellow and Red,” says James. “Yes?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I smile at her “Sir.” James has no difficulties getting subs to recognise his status.

James sweeps her body with his hands, flat with his palms at first, but then with his fingers digging in, playing her. As he digs into the soft nape of her neck above her dress-line, her breath catches in my mouth and I glance over her shoulder at him.

He knows the signal and moves to the top of her dress zipper, tugging a little first, to make it clear what his intentions are. Debbie doesn’t protest and after a second or so, he slides the zipper down, the dress opening at her shoulders. Slipping fingers inside,  he pushes it out and down past her black lace bra, waist and matching black panties.

She’s chosen her underwear well. The bra makes the most of her breasts, and the panties are cut high at the leg, dipping a little to the stomach and emphasising her long legs, undoubtedly one of her best features.

She steps out of the dress, still in her high heels and underwear, looking me in the eye, although James still looks down at her.

He reaches around her, his hands cupping her breasts, squeezing and fondling. “I’d like to see more than that,” I say.

“Easily arranged,” he comments.

He unclips her bra, slipping it off her shoulders and away, then re-cups her breasts, thumbing at the nipples as he presents them to me.

Debbie is flushed, her skin gleaming with a fine sheen of sweat.

James leans in, close to her ear. “Ever had two together before, Debbie?”

“No.” She shakes her head, eyes a little glazed.

“First time for everything then.”

I stoop to suckle on her nipples, James hands sliding down to slip fingers inside her panties at the front, dipping in as he tests her.

“Mmm...” he comments. “Wet already. I guess you’re enjoying the idea of two men fucking you.” He catches my eye. “Bend her over the bench….”

He swats at her ass. It’s not hard, a glancing swipe, testing her reactions I think. She gasps but her pupils are wide and she quivers.

He swats again, harder this time. Again, she shivers, and he follows up by plunging fingers into her pussy. And now she moans.

His eyes crinkle. “Yes, very wet now. You like that don’t you, Debbie?” And now he brings his hand across her ass again, this time hard, with an audible slap of skin on skin. She yelps and struggles, but it’s reflexive, not a serious attempt to get away.

I’m stripping off. It’s time for some action, and my cock agrees.

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