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Visions in America IV

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A preface contrasts wisdom and faith as with the previous works. Do we also believe what we foresee by foresight? Chapter 1 has eleven visions: ONE: God commenting upon the fall of man. TWO: Divine Wisdom pitying Jesus on the cross and vowing to make good his triumph. THREE: God rebukes Israel and the world. FOUR: God rebukes the early church and apostles. FIVE: God prophesies upon the Middle East. SIX: Britain condemned and a name change mandated. SEVEN: God predicts a new Cyrus from Africa to crush Whore Babylon, and a liberator of South America. EIGHT: God revokes Revelation, mandating the peaceable kingdom of Isaiah, a silver age in lieu of a golden age anew, a bear instead of a lion, and promises to review man's status in the year: 6,666. NINE: An allegory: gargoyles tossing stones down upon builders in rebuke. TEN: Adam reflecting upon the past and God's prologue. ELEVEN: Abraham reflecting upon his past with commentary from God.

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