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Bigboys Games: Big Boys Games, #3

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To begin with,' began his Lordship, 'I set you on because I wanted a man who could shake things up. I knew what it needed and I also know young people, make mistakes. Nevertheless they're a vital ingredient in turning any business round. We've lacked a certain youthful energy and entrepreneurial skill for a long time. I have to accept a degree of blame for not doing something sooner.

  But eventually the penny dropped; that is why you are, where you are. If I'd wanted somebody who came squealing every time a 'whipper-snapper' like Horburg got up his nose, I have candidates of that ilk, in the Standish boardroom.'

  He looked up, but Prentice had gone, all he could see was the door swinging to. The dull sound of retreating footsteps echoed back down the empty corridor, accompanied by that quaint Anglo-Saxon expletive bollocks and a solid thud, as the huge oak door to the hallway slammed shut.


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