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Guardians of The Path: First Magyc

353 pages5 hours


Only Witches highly trained in the subtle art of the Way of Things can call Doors, but Ria - a twelve-year-old girl from a world with no magyc - manages to do just this to rescue Cedar Jal from his prison between realms.

Guardian of the Path Cedar Jal returns to a home he no longer recognizes - a land where sorcerers and Demons now cause mischief without resistance, and magyc becomes weaker every day. All signs point to the End of the First Age and the coming of the one who will fulfill the Prophecy.

Ria is too young to be the one named, and this suits Cedar just fine. He refuses to believe he has condemned her to death, and instead vows to send the girl back to the Other World safely and in one piece, even though he hasn't quite figured out how he is going to keep his word.

However, when past, present and future meet to determine the fate of all worlds, the choice may be taken out of his hands.

Fans of the Hobbit, the Chronicles of Shannara, the Sword of Truth, and the Belgariad will enjoy this epic fantasy adventure.


I hope you enjoy the Guardians Of The Path, and please feel free to let me know what you thought with a review or drop me an email! Welcome to Demona!

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