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The Gang Leader

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The Gang Leader tells the story of Salil Davids, who grew up in Red River, one of the most dangerous townships on the Cape Flats. He grew up in a decent home, with parents who didn’t have much, but still tried to bring up their children to the best of their ability.
But then a Bluos family moved in next to them and then everything went to hell.
Salil and his brother were soon using drugs and even robbing people together with the Bluos. The more he committed crime, the more Salil found out that this was the life for him. But he also knew he wanted to do it on a grand scale.
His father always said that he would never work for someone else. This one saying stuck with Salil and this was now also his philosophy. He would never work for or under someone else. And this led him to become one of the greatest gang leaders on the Cape Flats.
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