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Off The Rails

287 pages4 hours


Fifteen year old Rachel Stark is cute, popular and a chronic runaway. She lurks around the mall during the day, and parties all night. School is optional. Pleasing her friends is not. She’s a self-taught master of manipulation and is pretty sure her mom would never actually change the locks.

Overnight, her world changes. One party. One boy. One or ten too many drinks. The mall is quickly becoming a dangerous place to be. To top it off, her mom has finally had enough.

Perfectly timed, Rachel is presented with an offer to follow a friend to LA. It sounds like absolute insanity at first but, as her options dwindle, she reconsiders. It’ll be an adventure and, besides, running away is her specialty.

After five days and over a thousand kilometres travelled, she’s exhausted and physically broken. Can she find the courage and the strength to end her nightmare?

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