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WILLIAM HOPE HODGSON Ultimate Collection: Horror Classics, Occult & Supernatural Tales and Poems: The Ghost Pirates, The Boats of the Glen Carrig, The House on the Borderland, The Night Land, Sargasso Sea Stories, Men of the Deep Waters, Captain Gault Stories, Demons of the Sea, A Tropical Horror…

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This meticulously edited collection includes horror classics, weird and supernatural stories as well as science-fiction tales from one of the masters of the genre.
The Boats of the Glen Carrig
The House on the Borderland
The Ghost Pirates
The Night Land
Short Stories:
Carnacki, the Ghost Finder
The Gateway of the Monster
The House Among the Laurels
The Whistling Room
The Horse of the Invisible
The Searcher of the End House
The Thing Invisible
The Haunted Jarvee
Sargasso Sea Stories
From the Tideless Sea Part One
From the Tideless Sea Part Two
The Mystery of the Derelict
The Thing in the Weeds
The Finding of the Graiken
Men of the Deep Waters
On the Bridge
The Sea Horses
The Derilict
My House Shall Be Called the House of Prayer
The Captain of the Onion Boat
The Voice in the Night
Through the Vortex of a Cyclone
The Shamraken Homeward-Bounder
Captain Gault, Being the Exceedingly Private Log of a Sea-Captain
The Case of the Curio Dealer
The Red Herring
The Drum of Saccharine
Other Stories
Jack Grey, Second Mate
Demons of the Sea
Out of the Storm
A Tropical Horror
The Stone Ship
The Real Thing
Eloi Eloi Lama Sabachthani (The Baumoff Explosive)
The Voice of the Ocean
Grey Seas are Dreaming of My Death
Shoon of the Dead
Madre Mia

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