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Assasination on Archive Street

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He walked up the stairs with precision.He's been here before. As he came up to her door, he took out a cell phone. One he had purchased for just this purpose.

"Hello. Olive, it's me. I'm outside your door. Open up".

When she opened the door and let him in, he took a swift look around, as casually he could muster. She walked past him to open a door at the end of the room. Her bedroom. She stopped in front of the mirror, took a comb at the top of the dresser and started running it down the length of her black hair. He could see the container of the carrot oil where she had left it. As he came up behind her, he looked directly to the mirror. There, he studied her. She had on a dark blue dress, one that really enhanced her figure. Then, he studied her face. She wasn't what he would call pretty or even lovely for that matter, but she had something about her, something that had attracted him enough for him to cheat on his wife and risk his career. Her eyes were big and bold, with long pointed nose and big, sensual... He studied them for a minute. They were her quintessence. Those lips. That was probably what he saw in her then. Presently, she hid them under red lipstick.

 "What do you want Mike? I'm going out tonight," She met his eyes in the mirror as she added, "obviously".

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