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Paleo Diet Recipes For Weight Control

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Back To The Basics: Paleo Diet Recipes
By David Colombo
Tons of ink has been used on 'miracle' diets promising to lead us to the slender figure of our dreams.
Countless books about complex, weight loss methods are available, but with limited or zero results on our health and wellness.
The truth is that when it comes to diet, the key ingredient is one: SIMPLICITY.
Let's Go Back To The Ultimate Proven & Tested Diet!
Paleo diet, consisting of the basic dietary habits of people who lived back in Stone Age makes the subject of this eye-opening book by David Colombo.
Easy-to-read, written in a simple and comprehensive way, this book will help you go to the heart of the basic Paleo diet that kept our ancestors strong and healthy with the power of nature.
Get Delicious Paleo Recipes!
Find out about essential ingredients and their nutritional value, explore the many benefits that have earned Paleo diet increasing popularity and get your hands on mouth-watering meat, fruit, seafood, pasta and veggie recipes, easily prepared in your kitchen!
Make The Life-Changing Shift In Your Diet & Start Living The Quality Life You Deserve!

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