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Tommy Weebler's Ho Ho Hum Holiday Season: Tommy Weebler's Almost Exciting Adventures, #3

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Still reeling from the horror of witnessing their interplanetary canine bounty hunter Kyle struck down in the prime of his life by a ghostly hit and run driver, Tommy Weebler and his best friends, Raul Mendoza, Dory Drake and Wilbur Federson, try to make the best of a bad situation.

The Protectinators, the team Tommy and his friends created for their own protection, have plenty to be grateful for. They are sailing through sixth grade, the lunches served at Fillmore Middle School haven't sent any of them to the hospital, and they are only days away from enjoying a most welcome two-week holiday vacation.

There's also the school's annual Christmas Pageant to consider, where Tommy's skill on the triangle is sure to be the hit of the concert if he survives long enough to step upon the stage.

Any number of things could prevent that from happening: Persistent bully Eddie Sykles, an unexpected invasion of renegade elves and a hot roasted turkey itching for a fight.

Completely impossible? Not for Tommy Weebler and The Protectinators. And not after Tommy begins receiving mysterious messages in letters mailed from the North Pole.

With his friends by his side and a steady supply of oatmeal cookies, Tommy Weebler is prepared for anything.

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