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Galaxy Ensnared

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A trap millennia in the making. Hunted runaways with one shot to save it all. And an entity growing more dangerous every passing moment. Are those we find in the void the stuff of cosmic nightmare or merely a reflection of ourselves? In the small moments of night, as the stars turn slowly around us, does the violence in the deep matter? Do the fleet engagements, system trades or machinations of voidsmen count for anything that far out? Or is it when the stars stop turning that we notice? When we raise our heads to the horror of a galaxy on the brink, it is far too late. And behold, even now their turning slows...

Galaxy Ensnared follows a rag tag band of misfits, thrown together in an effort to save, well, everything. Sci-fi-adventure-horror at its finest, saddle up with our heroes as they chase a threat far faster and deeper than anything humanity's encountered before. A threat protected by another, sinister force, careening to meet at the center of all civilization; The Core.

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