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The Cure For Russophobia

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Cold War 2.0 has emerged and irrational Russophobia has gripped America's media, political class and the public. Putin is not a saint, but neither is any other country. This book is about understanding the geopolitical dynamics, relationship and the Great Power competition between the US and Russia. This new perspective will allow the reader to see current events through a whole new prism.

Russia has 7,000 nuclear weapons, the 6th largest economy in the world (by purchasing power) and global influence. Its alliance with China and others can significantly erode America's primacy. Unfortunately, US policies seem to be aimed at creating a powerful anti-US bloc that keeps expanding to include strategic countries such as Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and more. While fanning anti-Russia hysteria may seem like a good idea to score political points, US elites are harming America's long-term economic and security interests in Eurasia and elsewhere.

This short book reveals many facts about history and the US foreign policies that the reader will never come across in textbooks, corporate media or the mainstream narrative. The reader will understand the true reasons why US-Russia relations are appalling and why we must seek rapprochement.

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