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The Perfect Murder

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There is a little town, on the eastern slope of a mountain range. The town is called Desert Edge. As you might imagine, the town Desert Edge is on the edge of a rugged desert landscape. The town of Desert Edge exists because of a tourmaline mine, that was active some years back. The tourmaline ran out and Desert Edge might well have died. However, there was a railroad spur that ran past the town of Desert Edge, to collect the tourmaline. Then, it turned out that Dessert Edge was located about midway between two cities. Since an underground stream provided water, the Parker Brothers built a truck stop in Desert Edge. The truck stop included a small coffee shop. There was enough business at the coffee shop that a real restaurant was later built. A few small businesses followed and then came Desert Edge Elaine. Desert Edge Elaine was an artist. She apparently captured images of the rugged desert land East of Desert Edge very well and her paintings became a little famous. Other artists followed and the town of Desert Edge became something of an artist colony. The town grew and Desert Edge even had a couple of schools. A kid would start out in Kit Carson School and attend from kindergarten through eighth grade. Then, the kid would attend Desert Edge High School, the home of the by damn Desert Edge Eagles.
I was born Jud Gill in Desert Edge and lived there for about nineteen years. I, early on, began to roam the desert lands to the East and find semi-precious stones, that one of the two lapidary shops in Desert Edge would buy. My roamings built me into a tall, strong young man, who wanted to escape Desert Edge. I earned enough money, from my mineral prospecting that I was able to buy a fancy personal computer. I got good at programming my little computer and I planned to use my money and my programming skill to view Desert Edge in the rear view mirror of my car, one final time. I also intended to have Aubrey in the passenger seat of my car, as I left.
Aubrey was born in Desert Edge and lived there for about nineteen years. Aubrey was the prettiest girl in Desert Edge, which was to cause some problems. Aubrey was quite intelligent and also dumber than the rocks East of Desert Edge.
Wesley was born in Desert Edge and lived there for about nineteen years. Then Wesley was never born in Desert Edge and never lived there. (It sounds a bit confusing, but read on.) Wesley was the son of an insane artist lady, who lived in Desert Edge. The insane artist lady spoiled Wesley. Wesley then grew up to be an ass hole. Wesley would push on kids smaller than himself. He was bigger than most of the same age kids and he always had the latest toy. When I went after Aubrey, Wesley had to go after Aubrey. When Aubrey brushed off Wesley, Wesley ambushed Aubrey and ravished her. What Wesley did nearly drove Aubrey insane. Later, Wesley would pay for what he did to Aubrey, then he would not pay.
While I was still quite young, I would roam the desert East of the town of Desert Edge. I would find semi-precious stones, that I could sell to the lapidary shops, back in town. I also found a small water hole, with clear, delicious water. I had the water tested and, when I found that it was safe, I would always fill my canteen, if I was near the water hole. With the water from the water hole, I could roam further than would otherwise be practical.
I found small pockets of tourmaline, which were my main money maker. I also found other semi-precious stones.
I can still remember when I found a small, but perfect topaz and presented it to Aubrey as a birthday gift.
Aubrey had to have the stone cut and polished, by a lapidary, but it was her pride and joy.
I lived with my parents and then just with my father, when my mother decided to run off with some passing through guy. As far as I know, no one in Desert Edge ever heard from my mother again.

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