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One Tick Madness

524 pages7 hours


A painter's journey, from reality to singuclarity.

The mental clock of Harry Dagliesh struck Madness. 

A floating, duplicitous soul asks, "What happened before the clock struck Madness?"


One Tick Madness chronicles the life of Harry Dagliesh, a prodigal painter, "No no no, STOP. Don't just sell me yet," Harry says, "Let me speak with them. You've done enough. Thank you."

Harry looks at YOU.

"Well, hello there…," a brief silence ensues, between him and YOU. 

But then, he continues, 

"I know you are judging me. Looking at the book cover, trying to ascertain its density. Hoping, all the words that ROY wrote above, will intrigue you into knowing about my life. Yes, it will seem ILLOGICAL. Utterly FANTASTICAL. But I am not MAD. Not one bit. I simply saw my past, present and future. I got sucked into careless overtures. But I am not MAD. Not one bit. 

Relationships are no longer distant anymore. Like a wandering soul, I can hear them, see them and feel them. In your world, that is completely IMPOSSIBLE. Step into mine, and you will find me RELIABLE.

Am I repeating myself? Am I repeating myself?

But hey, what do you care, you just want to be intrigued, at the expense of my life. I am not MAD not one qubit, you will realize."

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