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Because She Follows Her Nose

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Did you know that the nose is the most developed but least appreciated of the five senses? How often have you cursed your poor nose, because of its shape or size? You've probably even heard of people who have had "nose jobs." When do you feel the worst? When your poor nose is stuffed, dry or running. What you may not have known is that your nose - and more importantly, your customers' noses often lead them to make purchases.

Scents can trigger memories. Try this test and prove it to yourself. Just imagine each scent and how fast does it transport you through your imagination to an activity, time and place?

Buttered Popcorn







Brut cologne







That was fun, wasn't it? Did you imagine yourself at a movie theater when you read the word, "butter?" Did you think of your grandfather when you read the word, "Brut cologne?" How about your grandmother when you thought of roses? The purpose of this exercise is to remind you how powerful the associations are between scent and memories. 

I've created an e-book that will teach you how to not only make bath salts, soaps, candles, and lavender waters, but also how to source your ingredients and market your products. The best part is that the ingredients are far less expensive than the retail product and it only takes a few minutes to create each product, once you have assembled all of your ingredients.

I have been making and selling scented products for over 12 years both online and at craft boutiques. The journey of discovering a wide variety of scents has even taken me to Australia - to a lavender farm in Tasmania and one just outside of Melbourne. I've also visited a eucalyptus oil distillery on Kangaroo Island, SA. Now that I live in Southern California, I've been visiting wonderful farms to search out new sources for essential oils. I hope you enjoy this journey of discovery as much as I have.

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