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Journey Through Perception

97 pages49 minutes


Ride along with Khaliq through what he calls his journey through perception. Journey Through Perception is a collection of literature which is a record of vast emotions, ranging from inextinguishable hope to unbearable fear. Be prepared to become immersed into the mind of a vibrant voyager--a mind that speaks fluently on the topics of controversy, provocation, and self-development. Khaliq is on a voyage to captivate and instigate those who dare to listen. If introspection and rumination is your food for thought, prepare to dine at the buffet for the soul. In this project, Khaliq flirts with his most significant aspiration, to have impact, because to him true success is not about how much you earn but, rather, how much you contribute. No matter what section of the book with which you decide to engage, you are guaranteed to walk away with a message from the source of creation and consciousness. Find a place of serenity, and join Khaliq on his “Journey Through Perception.”

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