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Moss Bayou



From the Middle - He's only sure of one thing…he wants her…has to have her. But what about his brother?  Hiding from a man careening over the edge leads to a passion that burns white hot. Can she protect her heart from Brody, who may be the sexiest danger of all? 

From the Dark - Six years ago she walked away from him without a word. One brief ride with her on the back of his motorcycle and his body forgets the past. Will his heart? With her ex-husband spinning out of control, Jesse vows to keep Paige safe. When the unthinkable horror happens, the fight is on. But, are Jesse and Paige fighting together to stop a vicious bully or are they fighting the temptation to reclaim the heaven they once knew? 

New Beginnings - The night of the big Sweetheart Dance gives the town's residents a chance to emerge from the challenges of sadness and darkness that have become all too familiar. It's a night filled with stars, dreams, and romance. With happiness and love all around, there lurks a mystery. A stranger's appearance draws curiosity front and center. Trouble is brewing and only time will tell how it will play out. 

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