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Miner Six

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Miner Six is a nobody who mines garbage. He doesn't even have a name. So why is World Corp. trying to kill him?

In an all too possible world, the corporate wars have finally resolved into one world corporation. All citizens are employees ranked by numbers. Only the garbage miners, the lowest of the low, are unlabeled. As long as they stay on their garbage reservations, they are free. But are they really?

Miner Six follows a young boy as he ventures off the reservation and encounters a world where two mile skyscrapers house a complex society based on merit and political power. He becomes a pawn in a game played for the top of the corporate ladder. In an all too real future, the world has used up its resources and the garbage miners compete with the asteroid belt for the production of rare metals.

Enter into this world of the future, the world of Miner Six.

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