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Golden Parachute: Custodian of the Golden Assembly, #3

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What's a Custodian to do when creatures with an affinity to air act out? Siobhan Flannery, the latest Custodian for the organization keeping the existence of supernatural beings hidden from the average human, has been through a lot in the last year. First, she learns the creatures everyone thinks are myth or legend exist and that she's supposed to help them. Then she finds herself sharing a room with a dragon and the guardian to two cougar shifters. If those changes weren't enough for forty-five-year-old Siobhan, it looks like the biggest changes are about to happen in approximately seven months. Someone better have a lot of chocolate available.

Tasked with helping all supernatural creatures who need assistance, Siobhan is about to learn more about the secrets behind the Golden Assembly's mission and who she truly works for. After meeting with Meriwether, Goddess of Air puts a target on Siobhan's back within the Golden Assembly itself, how is she going to survive?

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