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You're Equal

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Once upon a time, a woman had an out-of-body experience where she learned that the whole universe was combined as a single unit of existence. Everything and everyone was equal. The experience was breathtaking, brilliant, and familiar. Each day thereafter, she worked to translate that unique perspective into terms that could be understood by people who had never had occasion to experience such a thing. She labored for a decade with great intensity, and like a treasure hunter, striking a cache of gems, she found jewel after jewel to elucidate the pristine beauty of that experience. Those treasures then turned into a book that contained a definitive, and unassailable, explanation of the mechanics of equality. That book is "You're Equal."

The secret to a secure life is to know that your equality isn't relative to someone else's opinion. If you've ever felt disrespect, excluded, or demeaned, if you've ever had doubts about your value, worth, or importance, let this book release those doubts forever. Come to understand the magic behind the mechanics of equality. See equality in its most rudimentary form without the cloak of politics, philosophy, or dogma. Like a trusted guide, "You're Equal" will remind you of the immortal nature of your status. 

Walk confidently into the future by knowing your equality from the ground up. Get the book right now and taste the brilliance that's you.

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