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Jump into the Abyss!

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During his premature entombment, forty long nails are struck into Chase Chaperone's casket, plunging him deeper into Hell. This grim ritual is a dark operetta written in rhyming prose - an homage to Dante's Inferno - from which naught but the most vile of souls can escape. The man is subsequently set free from the coffin by the grotesque dwarf Eldritch, who in a fit of revenge, climbs onto his back and refuses to climb down. Chase is thus doomed to carry the parasitic dwarf atop his back for the rest of his days, while searching for absolution.

This Halloween special explores themes such as "death and decay", "justice" and "morality", in a forlorn world set outside the reach of modern civilisation. Written in the grim and melodious style of Edgar Allan Poe, "Jump into the Abyss!" follows Chase Chaperone's descent into the far-reaching Abyss of his soul in a masterfully-written allegorical tale.

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