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Forever Rescued by Love: Flynn's Crossing Romantic Suspense, #12

353 pages5 hours


'Blood bond. We'll always rescue each other.'

Two values drive Rock Kermarrec, duty and stubbornness. He determined his path based on choices he was forced to make with fault that was his alone to bear. Only one thing could correct his mistakes, and nothing would change his mission. Nothing, except a woman who tipped his planet off its axis years ago and seems resolved to do it again.

Jenn Stanton only wants to right the wrongs of the world and turn it into a place where ethics mean more than the bottom line. Her willingness to take big risks has already caused her big trouble, but that doesn't stop her from standing in Rock's way. She intends to make his life better, even when love can't be part of the project.

Can a blood bond to rescue each other withstand tragedy, risks, and the tests of time? Promises were promises, no matter what. But the harder Jenn pushes, the more Rock shoves back. Even their dogs couldn't get along.

The Flynn's Crossing series is contemporary romance set in the northern California foothills, suspense driven by small town secrets, and complex characters in compelling stories about friendship and love. You can enjoy the books out of order without ruining their surprises!

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